Learn what Causes Hemorrhoids from the Experts

Hemorrhoids are the vascular structures inside anal canal. These are cushion like structures that help in controlling stool. The only reason they become a disease is when they are swollen or infected. Hemorrhoids are in layman language is called as piles.

The hemorrhoids as being the internal part of the body converted into a disease because of certain internal factors, though some external factors are also responsible.

The major reason for the hemorrhoids swelling is an increase in the pressure in the inner walls of the vessels and due to this excessive pressure the vessels get disrupted and results in bleeding.

Apart from these there are numerous reasons that cause the hemorrhoids to get swelling and results bleeding.

What Causes Hemorrhoids

  • Diet– Diet of a human is the major factor for any kind of disease or abnormality related to digestive system. The hemorrhoids are related to the digestive track and changes in its physical state result into the disease. These physical modifications may be because of the type of diet taken by the person. The person who is having trouble because of hemorrhoids must consume very specific diet. The diet must contain a food supplement that does not exert work pressure on the digestive system. A low fiber diet is supposed to be the reason for the straining at the time of bowel movements. Large portions of diet may also affect the functioning of the system and resulting in irregular straining. Low intake of water may affect the digestive functioning. Thus, diet of a person should be according to the requirement of the body and must not affect the functioning of the digestive system.
  • Constipation– Constipation is also an abnormality of digestive system which affects the bowel movements. At the time of constipation, the bowel become hard and requires excessive straining. This condition also increases the timing of sitting on toilet seats. All these activities in combination will result in the hindrance of the blood flow to the anal canal and they engorge blood. After this bleeding there is bulging of the hemorrhoids, and sometime the internal hemorrhoids prolapsed. The external hemorrhoids may show the clotting like condition called as thrombosed hemorrhoids.
  • Obesity– Obesity or overweight is the condition of complete poor health. In the condition of obesity the body weight increased abnormally and increases the risk of hemorrhoids. When a person become obese and gain excessive weight, it exerts great pressure on the veins of rectum and anus. The excessive increase in pressure will cause swelling and severe inflammation. The swelling and inflammations are the reason and symptoms of hemorrhoids. The other factor related to obesity and hemorrhoids are improper diet habits and long seating work.
  • Long sitting on toilets– When a person spend too much time on sitting on the toilet seats then he is more prone to have hemorrhoids. The prolonged sitting on the toilets may increase some pressure within the blood vessels of hemorrhoids. This can also be related to the continuous repeated straining bowel movement.
  • Diarrhea– Diarrhea is the condition in which the person has to pass stool at very short intervals or can say that there is excessive straining at the time of bowel movements. Repeated bowel movements may result in soreness in the anal region. Thus, diarrhea may not be the direct reason for the development of hemorrhoids but its related factors are.
  • Previous rectal surgery– The hemorrhoids are severely affected by the previous operations and surgical medications. The hemorrhoids are removed from the rectal by a process called hemorrhoidectomy. The post operative condition is very complicated and result in causing hemorrhoids. In this situation the rectal opening size reduces and excessive straining will ultimately cause hemorrhoid conditions.
  • Spinal cord injury– Spinal cord is the most important part of the body, the whole posture of an individual depends on the spinal cord. The posture of a body is the major factor for the bowel movements. Thus, when a person does not get erect posture then it will result in abnormal bowel movements leading to the hemorrhoids.
  • Lack of erect posture– The body of an individual requires a good posture which involves stretching of bones and muscles. But due to hectic schedules, prolonged sitting result in the offices and workplaces may lead to the development of bad posture. The posture of body will exert some pressure on the veins of the anal region, which lead to the development of hemorrhoids.
  • Anal intercourse– The anal intercourse will require excessive pressure on the anal opening and due to excessive friction will result in disruption of the cells in the rectum. These will cause some kind of inflammation as well as soreness in the anal region and flares up the hemorrhoids.
  • Aging- Age is the most important factor for the development of the hemorrhoids. When a person starts aging the body start responding in a slower way. The cells and tissues start weakening. Considering hemorrhoids, the weakening of the tissues in the hemorrhoids may result in the condition of prolapse. There are several factors that are related to age and causing hemorrhoids like deficiency in the dietary constituents, less body movements and lifestyle. Person with age 50 years or above are more likely to have hemorrhoids.
  • Coughing– Coughing is linked to the hemorrhoids which sounds to be very irrelevant. According to the medical specialists, the long coughing conditions will exert high pressure on the rectal region. In the extreme condition, when the person is suffering from coughing the internal hemorrhoids will protrude out with act of coughing, resulting prolapsed hemorrhoids.
  • Sneezing– The sneezing is related to the coughing, but the sneezing will exert more pressure on the vessels than the coughing. The main reason of sneezing causing is the change in the blood pressure of the rectal area.
  • Vomiting– Vomiting is the condition of the affected bowel movements. When a person have irregular bowel movements, especially at the time of diarrhea he might get some other abnormalities also. The repeated stool discharge along with vomiting may also result in excessive stress on the rectal vessels, leading to hemorrhoids.
  • Holding breadth while doing physical labor– The physical labor require high amount of force and pressure that can developed by holding breath for the duration of performing the task. The breath holding will increase the pressure in the blood vessels and will result in hemorrhoids.
  • Lack of exercise– Due to the workload and hectic schedules, we don’t get time to work out to keep our body fit. The lack in workout and exercise will ultimately increase the weight of the person and result in the obesity. And we know that the obesity is a major factor for the hemorrhoids.
  • Colon cancer– Colon cancers are different from the hemorrhoids, but in both the cases person will have rectal bleeding. This can only be differentiated by comparing other symptoms and proper medical examination.
  • Liver diseases– Liver disease are the resultant of the consumption of unhygienic foods and faulty digestion of fats. The liver disease majorly includes hepatitis and jaundice, in these diseases the patient has to face excessive dehydration. The will in turn affect the bowel movements like causing straining or constipation. The bowel movements if abnormal then lead to the development of the hemorrhoids.
  • Lifting heavy objects– Lifting heavy objects for carrying purpose or for the workout may result in the development of strain on the blood vessels by increasing the pressure. This straining pressure may exert pressure on the vessels on the anal canal resulting in hemorrhoids.
  • Poor anal hygiene– Hygiene is the basic factor the development of any disease, so in the case of hemorrhoids. When a person get any kind of urinary or anal infection then the chances of development of sore increase, if the area was not cleaned properly then will lead to the formation of hemorrhoids. In case of external hemorrhoids, the major cause of increasing inflammation is poor hygienic conditions.
  • Heredity– Sometime the genes will pass the disease to the next progeny and they have to suffer with that. Though the next generation have no other causative factors, but the genetic material will become a reason.
  • Alcohol– Consumption of alcohol is said to be the cause for various health issues, but no one knows that this will also act as factor for causing hemorrhoids. The alcohols are diuretics and may increase the dehydration in the body. The dehydration will exert high pressure on the anal region at the time of straining bowel movements and leading to the hemorrhoids.
  • Pregnancy– The pregnancy is the most common time when women get diseased with hemorrhoids. The cause of hemorrhoids in pregnant women is the pressure exerted by the uterus on the anal canal. This is not permanent; it will end up after the childbirth. Though in some cases, even after the childbirth the hemorrhoids continued to be diseased because of the inappropriate diet and lack in body movement. Heavy diets after childbirth may result in hard stool and result in the hard bowel movement and hemorrhoids.
How To Treat Hemorrhoids : Fast And Effective

Pediatrics Hemorrhoids:

Hemorrhoids are most common in adults but less frequently in children. The hemorrhoids are self healing at this stage, but they indicate some serious conditions. Medical examination is the urgent need for this situation.

Causes for Pediatrics Hemorrhoids: The constipation is the major cause in the children. Due to constipation there is an excessive pressure on the rectal opening and causes cracking of skin of vessels and results into hemorrhoids. The reasons for the constipation in children are varied bowel movement, toilet training, distraction because of playing etc.

The causes for pediatrics hormones that can cause severe problem to the child are-

  1. Juvenile Polyps Syndrome– In this situation the lining of intestine has some growth on it, which is common in all the children. But this can result in the formation of polyps in major parts of digestive system and causes bleeding, diarrhea, cramps in abdomen and anemia. These all are the causes for hemorrhoids.
  2. Pediatrics Ulcerative Colitis– This is a chronic disease that will cause irregular bowel movement, infections in large intestine and visual symptom is bloody diarrhea. These symptoms may cause hemorrhoids.
  3. Crohn’s Disease– This disease is most common in the people of America. This disease is because of the inflammation caused in the lining of the digestive tract. This inflammation may result in abdominal pain, diarrhea, rectal bleeding, etc. These inflammatory symptoms may result in the diseased hemorrhoids.
  4. Irritable Bowel Syndrome– This disease will show symptoms like abdominal pain, irregularity in bowel movements, bloating etc. These will sometime act as the causes for the hemorrhoids. It is cured by the body itself, but may require some medical diagnosis if conditions are not under control.


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