Sitz Bath : Easiest way to cure Hemorrhoids

First Cure for hemorrhoids- Sitz Bath

Hemorrhoids, a painful disease which is most commonly observed in the people age between 30-50 years. The most common reason for hemorrhoids is irregular bowel movements, constipation, less body movement, straining on the anal opening, and improper or less fibrous diet.

A person having hemorrhoids have to bear severe pain and irritation. Though there are other symptoms for hemorrhoids like bleeding, itching, swelling, fecal leakage, irritation around anal opening etc. The person needs immediate cure and treatment from these painful symptoms.

There are different types of methods that are adopted for the cure and treatment of hemorrhoids with or without consultation with doctor. Sitz bath, taking fibrous diet, hemorrhoidal creams, wet wipe, pain killers, natural oils, regular cleaning of anal region, hygienic dressing, etc.

What is a Sitz Bath ?

As the term suggest, Sit and Bath. Sitz Bath is a different style of bathing in which the individual places the lower back in the water warm. It a method which uses warm water to give relief from pain, irritation and swelling. Sitz bath uses warm water filled in a shallow tub which is helpful in cleaning the perineum of the body. The sitz bath is not only for the treatment of hemorrhoids but also for maintaining personal hygiene.

It is done to get relief from pain caused by rupture of tissue in the rectum region. It may be in the case of hemorrhoids, anal fissure or after giving birth to a baby.

Irrespective of the pain, sitz bath has proven to provide instant soothing effect and is highly recommended by the doctors too.

Sitz bath serves as a natural treatment for number of problems

How to take a Sitz Bath

A sitz bath is equipment which generally includes a plastic kit which fit on the bath tub or toilet seat. Design of sitz bath is like a plastic bag having tubing at the end of it. This plastic bag is larger than normal size of the toilet seat and filled with warm water. The sitz size would allow the patient to fit his lower part completely into it and get relief from the pain. Precaution must be taken before using the sitz concerning about the temperature of water.

sitz bath hemorrhoids treatment

For using a sitz bath in a bath tub one must follow some steps like initially the tub must be cleaned thoroughly. For better cleaning a small amount of bleaching agent must be added to the water and cleaning is done. After cleaning, the tub must be filled with warm water up to a level of 3-4 inches. The temperature of the water must be checked before taking bath; it should be according to the body adaptation and will not cause any irritation or burns. This warm water bath can be more effective if some pain soothing agent is added to it, the most common pain relieving agent used is hazel witch. This will give an instant relief from the pain.

The process is simple

  1. Clean the tub
  2. Add warm water
  3. Add some salt preferably Epsom salt. This solution helps in shrinking hemorrhoids further reducing its impact.
  4.  Gently clean and dry the infected area.

Other than hazel witch there are some other agents like natural oils that could be added to the bath water and will help in getting relief from pain instantly.

After taking bath for 15-20 minutes person need to wipe off the surface using a soft dry wipe or towel. During the bath, person must maintain the position of legs by bending it so that the whole perineum is soaked in the water.

The other method of taking bath is using the sitz bath kit, which fits over the toilet seat. Maintaining hygiene is the initial step of using the bath device with normal water. The bath must be placed on the toilet seat and need to ensure the accurate positioning of the apparatus by moving it.

The warm water is then added to the sitz before sitting on the seat or can add the water after sitting on the sitz using the tube at the end of the kit. Depth of water is such that the whole body is dipped in to the water. Bath must be taken for 15-20 minutes. There is provision of maintaining the level of water using the tube. After bath, the person must dry the boy using a dry cotton towel, avoid scrubbing the surface.

This sitz bath kit can be reused but it is necessary to keep it clean. The kit is provided with some cleaning solutions and instruction that can be followed by the person to clean it and preserve it for next usage. This can also be cleaned by sing bleach as done for cleaning the bath tub.

It is the most effective treatment approach that is suggested by the doctors also. It is very efficient and low cost process along with no risk at all. The only risk that is found to be associated with the use of sitz bath kit is infection in the perineum but it is rarely found. This treatment can only be used for a week; if the patient is unable to find any relief then the patient must consult the doctor.

When the person is having extreme itching and irritation, bleeding or soreness, then stop using the sitz bath and consult doctor immediately to avoid further infection.  The sitz bath is the only technique that does not require any special addition and can be used by anyone without any consultation of doctor.

You can also purchase a sitz bath kit from market

Three different sitz techniques to treat hemorrhoids

1) Sitz bath, utilizing juniper and lavender oils

If you are under intense pain of hemorrhoids, a sitz bath is a right solution for you. I can help you lessen them and recover from it quickly.

Fill a tub with warm or hot water. Check the temperature by placing a finger into the water to make sure that the temperature won’t bother your hemorrhoids. Fill it so water achieves a level that covers hips or stomach, near about 6-8 inches. At that point include 22 drops of juniper and 22 of lavender essential oils into the tub. Mix the oils well by stirring the water solution with your hand and after that sit in the tub with your knee raised. Do it for 10-15 minutes couple of times a day.

Sitting in such position brings more blood into your hemorrhoid region, which acquires more supplements and removes waste. Following 15 minutes, wash up with water as ice as you can take. After the sitz bath is complete, you can go for a regular shower. Clean and dry the infected area gently. Then apply herbal paste or ointment specifically on your hemorrhoids and let it stay on overnight.

2) Sitz Bath Using Shepherd’s Purse

Shepherd’s Purse is a herb that can be utilized for treating hemorrhoids using a sitz bath. This herb is helpful in treating hemorrhoids by lowering the chances of Internal and outer bleeding. This herb also helps with

  • Maintaining blood pressure
  •  Relieving Hemorrhoids
  •  Mending wounds
  •  Healing infected tissues in the anal region

Here is a way to apply this herb effectively,
Place 1 oz of shepherd’s handbag in two quarts of distilled water and let it sit for 12 hours. In the morning or night, heat up this blend for 2-3 minutes and afterward strain it. Empty the fluid into a Sitz tub or a full bathtub. Stay in the tub for around 20 minutes and do this 2-3 times each day. Take a shower with cold water after the sitz bath. It will restore the blood course in the hemorrhoid region.

3) Witch Hazel and a Basin

Prepare a little tub, compartment or bowl that you can sit in and include some warm, refined water. Add 1/4 cup of witch hazel fluid to the water. Sit in the little tub the length of you can and do it as regularly as possible. It will soothe your hemorrhoids in 3 to 4 days

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