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Hemorrhoids are the vascular muscles in the anal canal. These are responsible for controlling the stool in the canal. This can be a disease if any inflammation occurs. It will result in the rectal bleeding with excessive pain.

There are numerous ways on how to treat hemorrhoids that are adopted by doctors to deal with severe or minor cases. Treatment for any disease initiate from its prevention and this is applicable to hemorrhoids also.

The hemorrhoids cam be prevented by taking following preventive measures. The most basic prevention is hygiene, the person must keep the area clean and change undergarments regularly. The person must take high fiber diet and kept his body hydrated. Digestive system must be functioning properly to avoid the hemorrhoids.

There are various ways that can be used to treat hemorrhoids depending upon the types, location or body condition of the patient.

Checklist on How to Treat Hemorrhoids:

  • Good bathroom Habits– As stated earlier the best treatment for the hemorrhoid is by adopting some good habits. Good Bathroom habits that are required for avoiding the development of any kind of inflammation in the hemorrhoids. One must keep the infected area clean, should avoid using toilet paper and instead use wet wipes, avoid long sitting on the toilet seat or squatting, etc. These habits are very beneficial in treating hemorrhoids.
  • Warm bath– Warm bath or sitz bath are the most easy to adapt home remedy for instant treatment of the hemorrhoids. In this method, person has to sit in the bathtub or vessel having 3 inches of water for 15 minutes. Some pain soothing agents can be added to the water like witch hazel.
  • High Fiber diet– Diet of a person will regulate his metabolism, for regulated digestive system one should consume high fibrous food items. Fibrous food easily be digested and does not create any straining or irregular bowel movement. There are minimal chances for the hemorrhoids development.
  • Medication– When home remedies or natural treatment procedures failed, then mild medication can be used for the treatment. Medicines in any form can treat the disease. Most commonly used medications are –
    • Over-the-counter topical treatments- This include various creams, ointments, and suppositories that can easily be availed form any pharmacy. These are used for getting relief from pain, swelling and irritation. But they should not be used for long term.
    • Corticosteroid- When there is excessive inflammation at the rectal opening then corticosteroid can be applied for reducing the irritation in the region.
    • Pain killers- For pain relief common pain killing medication is used known as paracetamol. For rectal bleeding with pain, ibuprofen can be used. Codeine painkillers should be avoided for avoiding constipation.
    • Laxatives- Laxative are the lucrative agents that will ease the motion of the stool from the  So, at the time of constipation one must use laxatives.


Diet for getting rid of Hemorrhoids

5 important Foods that can cure Hemorrhoids

Home Care Treatment for Hemorrhoids is the best way to overcome pain and itchiness. Additionally it helps to overcome constipation and ease away bowel movement.

Non Surgical Treatment

If person taking light medication and is not getting any better then, one can employ some other treatment procedure like non surgical treatments. But these methods can only be used for the hemorrhoids in the upper part of the rectal canal. Following are some non surgical treatments that are adopted by the doctors-

  • OTC medication– Over–the-counter medication includes various types of creams, ointments and suppositories which are helpful in reducing pain and swelling. These are to be used over a fixed period of time after that one should consult the doctor for better treatment. It is advised that one product must be used at one time.
  • Banding- For the Grade II and III hemorrhoids rubber band ligation is the best approach for the treatment. In this a rubber band is placed very tightly at the base of the hemorrhoid. This will restrict the blood supply and after this within a week the hemorrhoids will fall off. This will not require any anesthesia for complete procedure.
  • Sclerotherapy- This is an injection process in which some chemicals are directly injected into the hemorrhoids or the blood vessels in the anal canal. These chemical will make the nerves numb at the ending. This chemical will harden the hemorrhoid and shrink its size and will lessen the pain.
  • Electrotherapy- This treatment procedure is also known as electrocoagulation in which a device called proctoscope is used to locate the position of hemorrhoid. Then a small metal probe is placed at the dentate line of the hemorrhoid. The purpose of electrotherapy is to coagulate the blood flowing through the veins in the hemorrhoids, so that it can become thicker and shrink in size. A very mild pain is felt at the time of electrotherapy. It is very effective in the treatment of small hemorrhoids.
  • Laser therapy- Use of high frequency waves for the treatment of hemorrhoids is a common process, but it is much costlier than other non surgical treatment. It is most convenient way for treating prolapsing hemorrhoids. II and IV degree hemorrhoids.


 Surgical Treatment

When all the non surgical and home remedies failed then surgical treatments are employed by the doctor for the treatment. The surgical treatment can be used for the treatment of any kind of hemorrhoid whether severe or minor, extruding or internal, bleeding or non bleeding.

  • Hemorrhoidectomy- It is most commonly used by the doctors for the treatment of all types of hemorrhoids. Its is advised for the patients having persistent bleeding, Grade III and IV hemorrhoids, presence of anorectal conditions, , etc. For the external hemorrhoids it has 2-5 % success. It is considered safe in the case of pregnant women. In this process anesthesia is injected for the operation process and scalpel and other medical instruments are employed.
  • Hemorrhoidal artery ligation– It is surgical procedure that is employed for restricting the blood supply to the veins of hemorrhoids. The process require general anesthesia and a small ultrasound probe is used which is helpful in locating the hemorrhoids in the canal and then the blood vessels are stitched together that will help in the restriction of blood supply and hemorrhoids will shrink into size.
  • Stapling- The process of stapling is an alternative conventional method for the treatment of prolapsed hemorrhoids and is carried out using general anesthesia. In this process, the last section of the large intestine is stapled which will lower the risk of prolapse and restrict the blood supply.
  • Medical procedure for different types of Hemorrhoids– different types of hemorrhoids are treated on the basis of their severity and complications involved. They can be treated by any methods of surgical or non surgical treatment methods.
    • Prolapsed internal hemorrhoids treatment– prolapsed hemorrhoids are easily be treated by the external pressure that forces it to go inside the anus. But if this doesn’t work then surgical treatments are adopted.
    • Thrombosed hemorrhoids treatment- For the treatment of thrombosed hemorrhoids the surgical procedure is adopted by the doctors. In this local anesthesia is given to the patient and the clot is eliminated out by cutting it with the help of scalpel. This may result in minor bleeding and pain that can be easily cured by OTC medication.
    • Internal HemorrhoidsFor the treatment of internal hemorrhoids generally home remedies are implemented but if the bleeding is painful or it becomes prolapsed then surgical treatment is advised.
    • External Hemorrhoids– For the excision of the external hemorrhoids surgical treatments are generally advised and implemented.


 Ayurvedic Treatment

The ancient science of medical treatments with the help of various herbs and natural elements known as ayurveda also offers a variety of treatments for hemorrhoids. Ayruveda in not only about the herbs and medicines but it also includes diet, lifestyle, exercise, etc. There are several ayuvedic herbs that are helpful in treating piles. Ayurveda also mention the importance of exercises and workout for the prevention of hemorrhoids.

  • Triphala churna– Triphala is very helpful in treating the constipation and thus help in treating the hemorrhoids. This can be used orally as well as for external application.
  • Abhayarista- It is a syrup that will help in cleaning the stomach and reduce constipation. This should be consumed orally with lukewarm water.
  • Haritaki- This herb is responsible for improving the digestive system.
  • Jimikand- This is used for oral consumption as it is helpful in regulating the digestive system.
    • Ayurveda also offer surgical treatments for the hemorrhoids of II, III and IV degree. The processes like Kshara sutra ligation and Agnikarma excision are the best approaches for the removal of hemorrhoids. These treatments are only employed at severe conditions.


Homeopathic Treatment

While searching for alternative treatment procedures for hemorrhoids, homeopathy offers some best approaches. The homeopathic treatment has several advantages over the other conventional methods for hemorrhoids treatment. They are economical, have no side effects, etc. Many homeopathic medicines are very efficient in treating the disease and they act as beneficial remedy in preventing the surgical treatment.

  • Hamamelis– this medicine is helpful in treating the bleeding piles, soreness and bruised sort of feeling.
  • Ratanhia– Effective in the treatment of painful hemorrhoids.
  • Graphite- When patient is having constipation then this medicine will help effectively.
  • Nux Vomica– The person living sedentary life have most common problem of hemorrhoids and for these type of patients Nux vomica is very effective. This also regulate the digestive system.
  • Aesculus– When patient having hemorrhoids which are causing backache then person must take Aesculus.
  • There are few medicines in homeopathy which are directly treating various conditions of hemorrhoids like-
    • Painful piles– For external, internal and protruding hemorrhoids which are painful one can use Aloe, Muriatic acid and Ratanhia for the treatment.
    • Bleeding piles- Most common in internal pile and sometime in external piles, for the bleeding hemorrhoids one can take Hamamelis and Phosphorus.
    • Hemorrhoids with constipation– In this situation one can consume Nux Vomica and Collinsonia.
    • Piles with backache– When the person having pile accompanied with the backache then he should take Aesculus and Calcarea flour.
    • Protruding piles– These are the worst form of piles and for its treatment one can use Aloe, Muriatic acid and Causticum. These medicines will lower the pain, irritation and ease the defecation.
    • Non bleeding– These type of piles or hemorrhoids are known as Blind type hemorrhoids and can be cured by taking Aesculus, Calcarea flour and Nux Vomica.
    • Pregnancy hemorrhoids– During the pregnancy hemorrhoids these are the following medications that can be consumed like Aesculus, Collinsonia, Nux Vommica. And the medicines that can be taken after the childbirth are Kali Carb and Podophyllum.
    • Piles with fissures– Piles with fissure is the most painful situation, to cure this person can use Ratanhia.

The pregnancy hemorrhoids are the temporary type of hemorrhoids but they can be prevented by taking certain precautions and cured by taking some medications. There is a list of remedies that can be taken by the pregnant women during and after pregnancy.

  • Sitz Bath or warm bath with apple cider vinegar, witch hazel for instanat relief form pain.
  • Antibacterial agent like coconut oil can be used for the prevention of inflammation.
  • Aloe vera and arnica gel can be used as soothing agent for the inflamed area.
  • Wet wipe can be used for cleaning the anal region.
  • Acupuncture can be used for improving the muscle functions for pregnancy hemorrhoids.
  • One should consume healthy diet which is fiber rich and must keep her body hydrated.
  • To avoid itching baking soda can be directly implemented on the inflamed area.
  • Various type of aromatic oils can be used for the treatment of pregnancy hemorrhoids like peppermint oil, chamomile oil, cypress oil, lemon extract etc. can also be used.
  • Herbal medication is advised for the pregnant women as they will not cause any side effect on the child and on mother also. Medicines like Comfrey, horse chestnut, husk of psyllium can be used.
  • Homeopathic medicines can be used for treating hemorrhoids during and after pregnancy.

These treatments can be used by any patient for the self treatment and if non-feasible then he should consult the doctor for further treatment procedure.

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