How to Treat Hemorrhoids during Pregnancy – Home Remedies

There may be many causes of hemorrhoids, but pregnancy is one of them. The chances of having hemorrhoids during pregnancy increase.

Symptoms for hemorrhoids includes bleeding, pain on anal opening, swelling in the anal region, irritation and itching, etc. These are caused because of excessive strain applied on the anal opening. Common reason for hemorrhoids are defective digestive system including constipation and diarrhoea, improper body movement like less time on exercise, less water intake, and poor fibrous diet, anal sex, and sometime during pregnancy

The hemorrhoids during pregnancy is generally developed during the mid of second trimester or in third trimester. The reason for the development of the hemorrhoids at the time of pregnancy is the increasing size of the uterus. When the size of the uterus increases it exert some pressure on the pelvic veins and inferior vena cava, this pressure restrict the blood flow and result in the swelling of these veins.

Pregnancy hemorrhoids are commonly developed during pregnancy and gone after the childbirth. The women who have them before pregnancy are more prone to have them during pregnancy also. In some women hemorrhoids are developed at the time of second stage labor. Thrombosed hemorrhoids are most commonly found during the pregnancy and these are more painful for the women during pregnancy as they might face problems in walking and sitting also

Causes of Hemorrhoids during pregnancy

There are different reasons for the development of hemorrhoids during pregnancy

  1. like constipation which is observed by most of the women during pregnancy. At the time of constipation the women will exert pressure or strain and hard consistency of the stool result in excessive straining ultimately resulting in the hemorrhoids.
  2. The other reason is increase in the amount of the progesterone hormone during pregnancy. The increase amount of progesterone during pregnancy allows the relaxation of the walls of veins and allow easy swelling. Progesterone also causes constipation another reason for hemorrhoids.
  3. During pregnancy, the women have to take iron and vitamin tablets for healthy pregnancy and these are also responsible in constipation and at the end they result in the development of pregnancy hemorrhoids.

The hemorrhoids during pregnancy does not result in any harm to the child, but excessive bleeding may result in the situation of anaemia which is not good for both mother and baby.

Adopt Proper precautions and treatment during pregnancy. But the treatment is not that easy during this phase. Because you need to take medicines and treatment with an appropriate prescription that doesn;t affect your or baby’s health.

On of the best way is to adopt natural remedies to cure hemorrhoids and good home care.

It Is not something hard to do as you will soon see, you have to bring about a slight change to your schedule which mainly includes your diet and a mild conformity to how you go about your daily exercises. Nothing excessively troublesome and nothing too complicated.

Knowing how to dispose of hemorrhoids during pregnancy utilizing natural cures is extremely helpful. Numerous ladies feel uncomfortable using recommended prescription and swing to nature for sheltered and viable treatment. You can follow some simple home care treatment mentioned below.

How to Deal with Piles During Pregnancy

There are many treatments and home remedies for curing hemorrhoids during pregnancy. But it’s better to take some precautions before taking any medicine or remedy.

Diet during pregnancy
Females that develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy needs to focus on their diet. In is imperative to take care of what they eat.

Drink a Lot of Water : The best way to avoid hemorrhoids during pregnancy is by consuming plenty of water and increasing the uptake of fibrous diet. Moreover, it will ensure that the stool passed quickly through the body.

To keep the body hydrated and eat food that is easy to digest. Not following a proper diet plan will advance the hemorrhoids and may even bring about new hemorrhoids to shape.

They key to fruitful hemorrhoids eating routine is an intake of fiber-rich products, which soften the stool and energizes stable discharge. Given below is the list of food that will help in dealing with hemorrhoids during pregnancy effectively bleeding hemorrhoids pregnancy may cause

Fruits and Green vegetables
Apart from drinking more water, there are various nourishment things you should work into your eating regimen, for example, fruits and vegetable that are rich in fiber. It is useful for your digestive framework helping you to go to the toilet routinely, maintaining a strategic distance from constipation. You can likewise take fiber supplements and standard homegrown fixings like horse chestnut and butcher’s broom which can be quickly grabbed from your nearby stores if you experience issues eating certain things.

Fibre Rich Food : It softens the stool and maintains smooth flow or solid discharge from the body.
Sweet potatoes: provide a proper nourishment that a pregnant lady needs.It strengthens the blood vessels and boosts immunity.

Exercise : Kegel exercises are the best way to improve the blood circulation and that can be helpful in preventing the development of hemorrhoids during pregnancy.

Sleeping Posture : A women after first trimester must not sleep on back instead sleep on the side, especially by the left side which will help in reducing the pressure on the rectal veins. The other way of reducing the risk of hemorrhoids during pregnancy by taking brisk walks after every one hour for 5 minutes and can also do some exercise after the consultation of your doctor.

Avoid Straining : Avoid sitting and standing both for long hours. Need to avoid straining and long term lingering on the toilet seat. The hygiene is must during this crucial period and thus it is essential to keep the area clean by using warm water which is soothing and help in reducing the risk of any kind of infection.

Sitz Bath : The remedies that can be taken by the women having hemorrhoids during pregnancy include taking sitz bath which is considered as the most effective treatment. Sitz bath will help in maintaining the hygiene and also provide comfort form the pain. It is comfortable and safe for your baby too.

Ice Pack : One of the most common causes of piles is pain and agitation. Apply an ice pack to the infected area provide a temporary soothing effect.

Ice packs and Hazel witch also help in getting instant relief from the pain. For comfortable sitting you can also take donut-shaped pillow which is helpful in easing up pressure.

Apply lotion and cream : For avoiding itching in the anal area at the time of pregnancy hemorrhoids one can apply baking soda and baking soda can also be added in the water during sitz bath. Applying coconut oil on the hemorrhoids may help in reducing the risk of bacterial and fungal infection and increasing the inflammation of hemorrhoids. Applying arnica gel on the area help in easy healing and reduction in inflammation. Aloe Vera gel can also be used for same purpose and it also provide instant soothing from pain.

Mixed berry juice

When to Consult a Doctor ?

Try to stay away from medications unless and until the effect is very severe. The positive aspect is the hemorrhoids get removed after the delivery so the effort should be to keep yourself comfortable rather than looking for medical care.

If you have attempted the home treatment alternatives, and nothing appears to work in your favor, you will need to refer to a specialist. There are some cases in which surgery or medical treatment become necessary of the home remedies are not showing any positive result.

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