How To Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Quickly

Hemorrhoids are generally known as Piles, are the swollen veins on the rectal opening. These are the result of various kinds of inflammations and strain developed on the anal area. The hemorrhoids are common in people of middle age, pregnant woman, or some time in infants also. The most common symptom of hemorrhoids is rectal bleeding which can be painful sometime.

The hemorrhoids are of two types on the basis of their location. The hemorrhoids can be treated medically as well as with natural treatments. But it’s very important to get rid of hemorrhoids to have healthy life. Diagnosis is the first step in order to get rid of hemorrhoids. The two types of hemorrhoids can be diagnosed under the assistance of a doctor.

For the internal hemorrhoids, the diagnosis can be made easily if it’s protruding out from the anus. Other than this, the rectal examination can be done by gloved finger near the anal canal. For thorough examination of internal hemorrhoids, visual examination by using anoscope (similar to proctoscope).

For the external hemorrhoids, the bump like structure near the anus can be easily be seen and diagnosed.

One can get rid of hemorrhoids fast, naturally as well as by other medical means. Following are the methods that can be used by a hemorrhoid patient-

  • Sitz bath– the most commonly and easiest way of getting rid of hemorrhoids within a short duration of time is by taking sitz bath. The process requires a bathtub or vessel which is filled with warm water and the anal area is soaked in it for 10-15 minutes twice or thrice a day. This is the best method for instant relief of pain. Soothing agents can be added to the water for long term relief.
  • Alum remedy– Astringents are beneficial in treating the hemorrhoids instantly. Alum which is chemically known as Potassium aluminum sulphate and potassium alum. This possesses high astringent property. Because of this property the hemorrhoids shrink in their size and restrict the rectal bleeding. For the treatment of hemorrhoids, alum is used in powdered form which can be converted into paste with water. This paste can then directly be applied on the infected area.
  • Cold treatment– This process is completely different from the method known as sitz bath, as for this process ice packs are used instead of warm water. Ice will help in reducing the swelling and irritation in the infected area. For instant relief ice pack can be used as this will make the area numb. For strengthening the veins alternate sitz bath and cold treatment are suggested and also for getting rid of hemorrhoids.
  • Calendula Compress– Calendula is one of the natural compounds that is helpful in reducing the pain, itching and burning of anal region. The calendula compress is a combination of ingredients that will suppress the hemorrhoids within 2-3 days of treatment. For the compress one will require water (3 cups), peppermint leaf (1 tablespoon), crushed calendula (1 tablespoon), goldenseal powder (1 table spoon) and witch hazel (1/2 cup). These ingredients mixed and boiled, after cooling this can be directly applied on the area. This will help in getting rid of hemorrhoids within 36 hours.
  • Onion Garlic treatment– The onion and garlic both are beneficial in treating any kind of bacterial infection or any other kind of inflammation. Even, they can be used for the hemorrhoids treatment. The garlic and onion can directly be inserted into the rectum, where garlic will strengthen the vessels and act as antibacterial agent.
  • Apple cider vinegar– The healing is the prime requirement to get rid of hemorrhoids. Apple cider vinegar possesses great healing properties. This can be used for treating both internal and external hemorrhoids. Vinegar will reduce swelling and itching and provide relief from the hemorrhoids. For internal hemorrhoids the person has to consume the vinegar with a glass of water (twice a day) and for external it should be applied externally.
  • Wet Wipes– Dry toilet paper or towel if used for wiping the surface of hemorrhoids will cause irritation in the anal area. So, instead of dry toilet paper wet wipes must be used. These wipes are dipped into astringents and other soothing agents. But one should avoid using wet wipes which have fragrance as they may cause irritation.
  • Topical medication (witch hazel)– For treating the hemorrhoids there are several over-the-counter topical ailments available in the market. These medications include different types of creams, ointments, wipes and suppositories. Most commonly used topical medication is witch hazel which is helpful in reducing pain and itching. Steroids, anesthetics, astringents and antiseptics are other different medications that can be used for over-the counter topical medication.
  • Pain medication– In combination with topical medication one can also use pain medications if having pain during the bowel movement. Acetaminophen is the most commonly consumed pain medication. One should avoid using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, as they restrict the blood clotting ability.
  • Good hygiene– The best method to get rid of hemorrhoids is to maintain a good hygiene. A person having hemorrhoids must take regular baths and must give special focus on keeping the anal region clean and dry. The anal area must be cleaned by soap or any other agent that will act as antiseptic or antibacterial.
  • Medical assistanceOne who is having symptoms of hemorrhoids and are not getting rid of them by any natural or home remedial treatment. There are different methods by which hemorrhoids can be treated medically. Surgical as well as medical process can be performed for the treatment of hemorrhoids.
  • Non surgical treatments– When a patient went to see a doctor for the treatment of hemorrhoids then he was offered by different methods of treatment which does not involve any surgery. Few non surgical methods are-
    • Rubber band ligation– This is a non surgical method in which the blood flow is restricted by using small rubber bands. The process is used for the internal hemorrhoids. In this process doctor places few rubber bands around the anal region of the hemorrhoidal vein and left for one week. This ligation will restrict the blood flow in the hemorrhoids. Within one week the hemorrhoids will shrivel and fall out. During this process the patient may experience a little bleeding.
    • Sclerotherapy injection– The process involves the injecting some chemical directly into the hemorrhoids. This will help in reducing the swelling of hemorrhoids which ultimately reduce the pain and inflammation. This process will only reduce the pain and will not allow the removal of the inflammated skin. This is feasible but not effective as rubber ligation.
    • Coagulation– This method involve the laser treatment. In this infra-red light or heat is used to treat the inflammation. The heat or light will harden the skin of the hemorrhoids and will be seen as coagulant. This process will have certain side effects. This will only leave a scar on the skin.
  • Surgical Assistance– When non-surgical treatments fail and there is no other option, then surgical procedure is employed for the complete removal of infected hemorrhoids. The process may require hospitalization after the surgery. There are few surgical procedures like-
    • Hemorrhoidectomy– The process of removing the hemorrhoids and tissues linked to the hemorrhoids is known as hemorrhoidectomy. Surgically these are removed by the excision of the skin. This is the most preferred method used by doctors to get rid of hemorrhoids permanently.
    • Stapled hemorrhoidectomy– This process will staple the hemorrhoids for preventing the blood flow to the infected area. This will prevent the hemorrhoids to prolapse and is less painful than the process of hemorrhoidectomy.
  • Other Preventive Measures– There are few preventive measures that a person having hemorrhoids should take to avoid the hemorrhoids or for getting rid of hemorrhoids.
    • Avoid Constipation– The person having hemorrhoids must avoid the activities that will cause constipation. The major reasons for the constipation or irregular bowel movement are the patients’ diet, water consumption, workout etc.
    • Stay Hydrated– The patient having constipation must consume high amount of water (8-10 glass per day) which will result in the regulated bowel movements and cause less straining at the time of defecation. Less training will suppress the inflammation in the hemorhhoidal region.
    • Healthy Diet– A healthy diet is very important for a disease free life. For avoiding the initiation of the infection of hemorrhoids the person has to avoid irregular bowel movements. This can only be prevented by taking high fiber diet. Fibrous foods are bran, celery, cabbage, berries, leafy green vegetables, squash, beans, mushrooms, etc.
    • Exercise– The one major cause of hemorrhoids is excessive weight which is responsible for causing severe pressure on the anal area. Regular exercise will balance the bowel and regulate its functioning. The exercise will also help in reducing weight and thus resulting in the prevention of hemorrhoids.
    • Never hold stool– There are many people who use to hold the stool, but this will have negative effect on the anal canal. When the person holds the stool then this will harden the consistency of the stool and will cause excessive straining at the time fecal removal.
    • Comfortable Clothing-The clothing is an essential component for the prevention of hemorrhoids. One should wear loose and soft clothes to avoid the initiation of hemorrhoids.

These methods and remedies can be easily implemented by the patient in order to get rid of hemorrhoids even for complete removal also.


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