External Hemorrhoids Defined

This section will explain to you what external or outer hemorrhoids are.

A hemorrhoid is a problem faced by 5-10 % population. The chances of falling a victim increase with pregnancy, obesity, and intake of oily and spicy food.

If you are already facing external hemorrhoid, you will discover some useful ways to treat them.

What are Hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids which are known as piles in common language are the veins present at the lower rectum area. These are present in muscular region and responsible in holding the stool in anal canal. These become hemorrhoids, a disease when they got any kind of infection or by excessive straining on the region.

The hemorrhoids are of two different types depending on their position in the anal canal, viz. external and internal.

As the term says, internal hemorrhoids are caused due to swelling of veins inside the rectum. It is not easy to diagnose and is often ignored by people resulting into serious complications sometimes. Common symptoms include irritation and presence of blood while passing a stool.

The advancement of this result into stretching of hemorrhoids outside the anal region. Its result is a formation of solid masses due to the gathering of tissues. This situation results into external hemorrhoids. You can easily feel the presence of dense masses and visible redness around the infected area.

Inner hemorrhoids are less painful but may bleed at times, on the other hand, external hemorrhoids are painful but rarely bleed.

The external hemorrhoids are easy to figure out, because of which early measure can be applied for its treatment. That is why they are easy to diagnose.

External hemorrhoids are present on the edge of the anal opening under the skin that is surrounding the anus. The external hemorrhoids can be recognized by some of its specific symptoms like visible swelling around the anus, itching and irritation around the rectal area, pain in the rectal area, lumps near and around the anal opening, blood in stool, etc. The lumps that can be seen as symptom of hemorrhoids are bluish-purplish colored.

The lumps around the anus are filled with blood which sometime takes the form of clot. This clot is known as thromboses and the hemorrhoid are known as thrombosed hemorrhoid. The thrombosed hemorrhoids are the external hemorrhoids which protrude out of the canal and take the form of thrombosis. These types of external hemorrhoids are very painful and the only option to get relief form its pain is its excision form the body.

Causes of External Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are not a crisis, but that doesn’t mean the treatment can be delayed. A person suffering from this disease should seek for a quick cure to stay away from irreversible changes in the hemorrhoids tissues.

The external hemorrhoids are visible and can be diagnosed easily, but it’s better to get complete diagnosis before taking any precaution or treatment. And there are different diagnostic methods that are used by doctors like proctoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, anoscopy, colonoscopy, digital rectum exam etc. These methods are used for the in-depth diagnosis.

The major reason for the external hemorrhoids is the excessive straining caused due to the pressure exerted during physical labor, diarrhea, and constipation. The main reason for constipation is low fiber diet, and less water intake. Other reasons for these external hemorrhoids are long hour sitting, obesity, coughing, sneezing and sometime pregnancy is also responsible for the development of hemorrhoids. These are the reasons for the development of hemorrhoids.

Treatment of External Hemorrhoids

The external hemorrhoids can be cured, prevented as well as treated with home remedies and medical activities. The initial step against any health issue is to take precaution for its occurrence.

Here are some tip and treatment that can help you fight against External Hemorrhoids

1. Sitz bath

The treatments or home remedies that can be used for the treatment of the external hemorrhoids include sitz bath. Sitz bath is one of the most efficient ways to deal with hemorrhoids and is often recommended by doctors.

It is an uncommon shower intended for hemorrhoids in which, the anal region is placed in warm water. Hot water enhances flow in the butt-centric region and relieves hemorrhoids torment. Add Epsom Salt which helps to shrink the hemorrhoids. The shower is followed by complete drying to keep away from aggravation.

2. Creams and Ointment

An external hemorrhoid is a profoundly discomforting and painful condition which needs appropriate treatment for long term relief. Natural remedies are ideal approaches to treating external hemorrhoids at home securely and conveniently.

Various types of oils that can be applied on the external hemorrhoids for instant relief from inflammation and itching sensation and most effective are almond oil and olive oil. Olive oil is most commonly used for the treatment of external hemorrhoids, as they are helpful in increasing the elasticity of blood veins. Apple cider can be directly applied on the external hemorrhoids for relieving from swelling and irritation.

The effect of creams is instant but not that effective in the longer run. The idea is to provide quick relief from the pain caused by external hemorrhoids. The effect is temporary but very relaxing. There are some creams available in the pharmacy to be applied to infected region. Along with it, there are some natural ways too.

Based on the principle of Ayurveda you can prepare cream at home too. The natural remedies have proven to work against the odds of hemorrhoids.

3. Proper Diet

The preventive measures that can be taken by the person having external hemorrhoids at first consider the diet. The person with hemorrhoids must consume high fibrous diet like he can consume legumes, whole grains, broccoli, raspberry, pear, etc.
Your eating regimen ought to be healthy and nutritious, rich in vitamins and minerals. An essential thing in dietary changes is to increase the measure of fiber in your eating routine by eating adequate measures of products of the soil. Additionally, drink more and more water, near about 8-9 glasses a day to keep yourself hydrated.

4. Regular Exercise 

The person must perform excessive exercises. He must avoid holding the stool and avoid straining

5. Maintain Hygiene

The hygiene is the most important aspect that needs to be maintained. Since, the external hemorrhoids may result in bleeding the person must avoid wearing dirty undergarments and must take bath regularly

6. Avoid load on the Infected Area

A person needs to adopt a healthy lifestyle to maintain a distance from the painful and burning sensation caused by hemorrhoids. Do not put much load on the infected area; it can catalyze the side effect of hemorrhoids.

7. Avoid sitting at a place from long.

Yoga and exercise have added an advantage in this situation. This way you spent less time sitting idle.

8. Ice packs.

Bits of ice are wrapped in a flimsy towel and connected for 15 minutes. Repeat the process in intervals.

All the above techniques give brief control of hemorrhoids without really curing them. For a permanent hemorrhoids treatment, you need to consult a doctor and follow a complete framework; that deals with all likely causes and diverse sorts and differing seriousness. Presently, there is a framework which is exceptionally famous for natural hemorrhoids treatment and assurances that you won’t just cure hemorrhoids permanently, additionally keep their repeat. You need to go for surgery in case the impact is extreme.

Medical Assistance

When none of these treatment or remedies work, then the last option left is medical assistance.

The medical procedure include the shrinking of the hemorrhoids or sometime complete removal. One of the approach is by applying different suppositories and hemorrhoids creams which are prescribed by doctor and help in reducing pain and itching. Sometime these suppositories are helpful in reducing swelling also.

The other medical approach for the treatment of external hemorrhoids is surgical method. There are two surgical treatments that are used for the removal of external hemorrhoids, viz. hemorrhoid removal and hemorrhoids stapling. Both the approaches are used for the complete removal of the hemorrhoids, but for external hemorrhoids removal doctors generally use hemorrhoids removal in which the excessive tissues are removed by incising them.

For the thrombosed external hemorrhoids the surgical approach used is termed as External hemorrhoid thrombectomy. In this the clot was removed by simple incision and drainage.

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